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2018   K. Jefferis, "Botswana's Changing Economic Landscape", Botswana Institude of Chartered Accountants (BICA), August
2016   K. Jefferis, "Botswana Economy: Recent Developments and Prospects", August
2016   K. Jefferis, "Role of Mining in Botswana's Future Economic Developments", Resource Conference, June
2016   K. Jefferis, "Housing Finance and Affordable Housing", Housing Pitso, May
2015   K. Jefferis, "Exchange Rate Policy Issues in South Sudan", International Growth Centre, October
2013   T. Nemaorani, "Role of Coal in Botswana's future economic developments", Informal Coal Conference, April
2012   B. Kenewendo, "Unemployment" University of Botswana GEC 274 , April 
2011:   K.Jefferis,"Recovery from the crisis and looking to the future: economic performance and prospects", June
2011:   K.Jefferis,"The way forward for Diamond Beneficiation", Diamond Hub, April
2011   B. Kenewendo, "Recent Economic Developments, Outlook and Prospects",April 
2011:   K.Jefferis, "Wither the Botswna Economy? Trends and Choices for the coming Decades", Botswana Society Public Forum,April
2010:   K. Jefferis, “Coping with the Crisis and Future Challenges”. Botswana Resources Conference, July 
2010:   K. J,efferis, “Recovery from the Global Crisis: Implications for SADC and Development Finance”, May  
2010   B. Kenewendo, "Budget Speech 2010 Economic Outlook", Presentation to Debswana-Jwaneng, February (Power Point)  
2010   B. Kenewendo, "Budget Speech 2010 Economic Outlook", Presentation to Debswana-Jwaneng, February (PDF)  
2009:   K. Jefferis, “Product Innovation and Access to Finance”, Egyptian Banking Institute 3rd Annual Conference, November 
2009:   K. Jefferis, “Banking Perspectives on the Financial Crisis: A View from Africa”, Egyptian Banking Institute 3rd Annual Conference, November  
2009:   K. Jefferis, “The New World of Banks, Governments, Regulation and Supervision – Viewpoints from African Central Bankers”, DFID and Chatham House, October 
2009:   K. Jefferis, “Overview of Bank Credit in Botswana”, BIFM/FinMark Trust Forum, October  
2009:   K. Jefferis, “Comments on ‘Privatisation – Cross Country Experiences’”, Bank of Namibia 11th Annual Symposium, September. 
2009:   K. Jefferis, “The Impact of the Global Financial and Economic Crisis on SADC Economies”, Agricultural Trade Forum 16th Public Policy Dialogue, Windhoek, Namibia, February  
2008:   K. Jefferis, “Is Botswana’s Growth Sustainable?”, National Business Conference, September 
2008:   K. Jefferis & N. Charalambides, “Global Inflation and Economic Slowdown: Macroeconomic Policy Options for Botswana”, July  
2008:   K. Jefferis, “Botswana Economic Overview”, Botswana Resources Conference, July 
2008:   K. Jefferis, “Power and the Economy”, March  
2008:   K. Jefferis, “Botswana – Recent Economic Developments and Prospects”, February 
2007:   K. Jefferis, J. Arntzen & G. Mookodi: “United Nations Common Country Assessment”, October  
2007:   K. Jefferis, “Botswana – Recent Economic Developments and Prospects”, March 
2007:   K. Jefferis, “The Economic Impact of HIV-AIDS”, March  
2006:   K. Jefferis, “Botswana - Recent Economic Developments and Prospects”, September 
2006:   K. Jefferis and A. Kinghorn, “Economic Impact of HIV/AIDS in Botswana: Linkages between Macroeconomic, Sector and Household Levels” presented at the Harvard School of Public Health, September  
2006:   K. Jefferis, “SADC Macroeconomic Convergence Programme”, July 2006 
2006:   K. Jefferis, “Bank Charges, Competition and Access to Banking”, FinMark-BIFM Seminar, March  
2005:   K. Jefferis, “Exchange Rates and Devaluation”, Presentation to RICS Botswana 
2005:   K. Jefferis, “How Trade Liberalisation Can Contribute to solving the Crisis in the Beef and Cattle Sector”, presented at the Southern African Global Competitiveness Hub, Gaborone, May.  
2003:   K. Jefferis, “The Process of Monetary Integration in the SADC Region”, presented to the Symposium of the Association of African Central Bank Governors (AACB), Kampala, Uganda, August. 
2001:   K. Jefferis, “Monetary Policy Frameworks: Instruments, Targets and Objectives”, paper presented to Bank of Namibia Bankers Conference, Windhoek, October.