Botswana falls on Doing Business Ranking 2020
15 November 2019
Botswana fell one place down on the recently released World Bank's Doing Business (DB) report 2020. Botswana performs poorly on the DB rankings, deteriorating from 19 in 2005 to 87 in 2020. However, the absolute measure of the quality of the business environment has remained more or less unchanged in recent years, and confirms the need to take action to improve the absolute DB score through enhancements of the business environment. Considerable attention has been paid to improving the business climate in recent years. Initiatives include the establishment of the National Doing Business Committee; the adoption by Cabinet of the Doing Business Roadmap, with a range of action items, and the establishment of the Botswana One-Stop Service Centre (BOSSC) by the Botswana Investment and Trade Centre (BITC). Some improvements have been made, including the new Trade and Industrial Development Acts, and the introduction of online business registration by the Companies and Intellectual Property Authority (CIPA). However, further reforms are needed  like liberalising restrictive immigration requirements further, improving efficiency in the public sector, improving statistical capacity, investment in ICT and speeding up the legislative process so that improvements in business environment can be implemented faster.