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Formal Sector Employment record a negative growth of 0.1% in Q1 2017

Formal sector employment in Botswana continued to move downwards in the first quarter of 2017. Overall formal sector employment decreased by



Inflation falls to 3.0 percent in October 2017

Headline inflation fell to 3.0% in October 2017 from 3.2% in September 2017. Inflation fell for most commodity groups of Food & Non-Alcoholic Beverages,



Bank of Botswana maintained Bank Rate at 5.5 percent

Bank of Botswana's Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) has maintained the Bank Rate at 5.5 percent at a meeting held on the



Overall unemployment rate in Botswana is estimated at 17.7%

The recent publication by Statistics Botswana, Botswana Multi-topic Household Survey 2015/16 revealed a reduction in the overall level of unemployment rate



Formal Sector Employment decrease by 0.6% in Q4 2016

According to Statistics Botswana's formal sector employment survey results, overall formal sector employment in Botswana decreased by 0.6% in the period

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Welcome to Econsult Botswana (Pty) Ltd.

Econsult Botswana was established in 2005 by Dr Keith Jefferis, a former academic and Deputy Governor of the Bank of Botswana. Econsult works in Botswana, the Southern African region and further afield, and specializes in research, economic commentary and policy-related analysis in a variety of fields. 

Key areas of work include:

  • Macroeconomic policy reviews; analysis of monetary, fiscal and exchange rate policies
  • Analysis of macroeconomic data and trends in the economies of Southern Africa
  • Financial system development and banking sector issues; regulation and licensing of financial institutions; competition and access; stock market and capital market development
  • Economic impact analysis for industrial, mining and energy projects
  • Trade and industrial policy
  • Regional integration
  • Poverty analysis, social development and poverty alleviation policies
  • Analysis of the economic impact of HIV/AIDS
  • Regulatory reform


Econsult Economic Review


Econsult in the news:

Mmegi (Botswana) (September 2016)  
The Patriot (Botswana) (November 2016)
Engineering News (South Africa) (June 2017)
Mining Weekly (South Africa) (June 2017)
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